Divorce Attorneys Serving Charleston, Dorchester & Berkeley Counties

At Hall & Means, our Charleston divorce attorneys have experience helping couples and families navigate the family court system. From pre-divorce negotiations to trials, we protect our clients. We’re compassionate and effective, and our team-oriented approach keeps our clients involved in their cases so they receive accurate and timely information, knowledgeable guidance, and quality representation.

Family Lawyers Giving You Individual Attention

We know that every client has different needs and that each situation requires personalized attention and care. At Hall & Means, we work with you to understand your goals and to address any concerns you have about your family’s future. We approach each client with the attention and sensitivity that their situation deserves. That personal attention, combined with our many years of experience and expertise in the practice of family law in Charleston, South Carolina, allows our clients to be confident in our ability to craft legal solutions that meet their individual needs.

Attorneys for Equitable Division of Property

In South Carolina, your marriage is an “economic partnership” that must be divided when you divorce. The family court first decides what property is marital. Then, the family court places a value. Lastly, the family court divides the marital property between the spouses based on several factors. Marital property includes anything that was acquired by either spouse during the marriage up until the date of filing in family court, such as:

  • cash on hand
  • money in checking, savings, and other financial accounts
  • retirement or pension funds
  • life insurance cash value
  • stocks and bonds
  • real estate
  • motor vehicles and boats
  • jewelry (excluding the engagement ring which is a non-marital gift)
  • household contents; and
  • any other property of value

At Hall & Means, we have experience negotiating and litigating property division issues from simple claims where there is little property to complex claims involving privately owned businesses, retirement accounts, and intricate financial holdings.

Experienced Divorce Negotiators & Litigators

We represent men and women in a divorce, and we work effectively with clients deployed worldwide for military service as well as local residents of all backgrounds and occupations. Our divorce services include:

  • Handling contested and uncontested divorces
  • Strategic approaches for resolving all critical issues within divorce, including child custody and visitation and equitable property division
  • Negotiating and drafting divorce and separation agreements
  • Obtaining temporary relief concerning custody, support, and maintenance
  • Addressing concerns specific to military personnel and families, including division of pensions
  • Modifications of court orders and enforcement actions (rules to show cause) to compel compliance

Initially, we focus on negotiating the best results for you. These services include drafting agreements to cover everything involved in your divorce. However, if you are unable to reach an agreement with your spouse, we are prepared to take your case to court and to present all evidence in support of your claims. To find out more about your rights during a divorce and how we can help, contact our divorce attorneys today.